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Roßmann Family – Hotel - Gasthof Strasswirt in Jenig

Being a family business, we know just how valuable your holiday time and holiday destination are. At Hotel - Gasthof Strasswirt ­you can expect a very special, hospitable and family atmosphere with genuine warmth.

1895: Opening of Strasswirt
'Strasswirt' was opened in 1895 by Frau Maria Roßmann and has been in family ownership for 4 generations.
The early years were very tough. Sophie and Christof Roßmann married in 1924. This marriage produced 3 sons: Hans, Erich and Christof, the youngest.
Christof took over Strasswirt. Marriage of Aloisia and Christof in 1958. The first rooms were built in the years following, and in the years thereafter the number of bedrooms was increased little by little. This marriage produced 3 children: Alberta, Erich and Christof.
1983: Strasswirt Destroyed
The worst ever disaster hit Strasswirt on 11September 1983. Extreme weather almost completely destroyed Strasswirt. Christof and Aloisia had the most difficult decision - whether to continue or give up.
Strasswirt Continues

The decision was absolutely right - they decided to carry on!

Christof took over Strasswirt. Sandra and Christof have been a couple since 2005. With their two children Lucas-Christof and Giulia, perfect happiness at Strasswirt!

During this time there were numerous alterations and additions: Spa area, ski room and a lot of modernisation. The last major renovation was refurbishment of all the hotel bedrooms in April 2013.

Our Key to Success -
a strong family that loves its profession

3 Generations at the Hotel - Gasthof Strasswirt in Jenig

Sophie & Christof Roßmann

Aloisia & Christof Roßmann

Sandra & Christof Roßmann

around 1920

Kirchtag at
"Strasswirt" 1925

in 1960

Destruction by
floods in 1983