Christof Roßmann

Motorbike expertise at the Hotel-Gasthof Strasswirt

At the age of 13, I acquired my first means of transport that didn't rely on muscle power from hard-saved pocket money: a 'Puch-MAXI' (For non-Austrians: a legendary and very widely used "motorised bicycle"). The "MAXI" accompanied me through thick and thin.
Later, at 16, I was able to afford a DS 50 (Built 1971), also from Puch and even more of a legend!
Finally as an adult and with an appropriate driving license, there was always a road-worthy motorbike in the garage. With it I have ridden regularly to the Adriatic in neighbouring Italy to eat spaghetti ice-cream (and all the other things that the "Dolce Vita“ has to offer)! The upper Adriatic is not far from Gailtal, which means that a cappuccino is reason enough for a trip to the coast. But the numerous passes in Friaul and the Soca Valley also belonged to my favourite routes. It is also no surprise that I got to know my wife Sandra on a trip to Italy.


Regrettably, since a skiing accident, I am no longer able to pursue my previous passion. So the regular 'petrol-head' discussions with guests often happily remind me of this great time, even if with some regret.
But: once a biker – always a biker! That's why I still know the best and most interesting tours in and around Carinthia very well - and am always pleased to provide our biker guests with help, assistance and insider tips. And now I just need to use the throttle in the hotel and its kitchen! :-)

Your host, Christof